Start: 8:00 am, on the first day.
Return: After lunch the last day.

Day1: Amazon Eco Tours - RIVER Yarapa -180 KM
Program Description:
Home: Reception at the airport. Private guide.
Transfer from Iquitos to Nauta, private car, 115 km.
Brief orientation of Nauta city.
Sail on the Marañon and Ucayali rivers, and see the junction where form the Amazon proper. We continue sailing to Yarapa River Basin.
Unforgettable experience in one of the areas rich in biodiversity we have on the planet.
Camping in the heart of the jungle, learning survival techniques. Recognition of the area.
Night tour: walk through the jungle to find tarantulas, amphibians, reptiles, etc.

Day 2: Amazon Eco Tours - RIVER Yarapa
Sunrise tour, canoeing or boating, bird watching, monkeys.
Breakfast at the camp.
After breakfast, hike through the jungle to see the great variety of flora and fauna.
On the way you will see giant Lupuna trees, Capirona, the Capinuri and birds like the Toucan, Macaw, Parrot, Great White Heron, Kingfisher, friars monkeys, tamarins and sloths.
Lunch at the camp.
Navigating the river Yarapa, looking gray and pink dolphins, swimming with them.
Night excursion: canoe or boat ride to find alligators in their habitat, and listening the sound of the jungle.

Day 3: Amazon Eco Tours - RIVER Yarapa
Breakfast at the camp.
After breakfast we get ready for fishingTour, traditional way of fishing for piranhas and other species.
Victoria Regia, Giant water lilies pads.
Lunch by the river watching the beautiful scenery.
In the afternoon we visited a lake to search for herons and other species of tropical birds.
Waiting for the sunset we get ready for our evening tour by canoe to find alligators in their habitat.

Day 4: Amazon Eco Tours - RIVER Yarapa / Nauta / Iquitos
Sunrise Walk.
After breakfast we get ready for the start of camp and during the trip back we stop at the Monkey Island, where you can see five species of monkeys.
Lunch on board.
After lunch, we travel the Amazon River upstream to the village of Grau, will visit the community of Cocamas. There, you can also visit a tower of 10 stories, in order to have a panoramic view of the distance from the junction of the rivers Marañón and Ucayali, that shape the body of the majestic Amazon river.
Then we get ready to return to the city of Nauta, then to Iquitos.
Transfer to your hotel or the airport is the case at appropriate times.

The Camp will be held in different places during their stay in the jungle.
The program is subject to change due to weather conditions.
Observation of wildlife and birds is not assured, but AMAZON ECO TOURS, for its experience in field operations, estimated probable sightings of the species mentioned.

Transfers land and river
3 nights in itinerant camps
All meals
Excursions as detailed in the program
Bilingual guide (English or Spanish), with knowledge of flora and fauna.

It´s not includes:
Air Tickets
Airport taxes
Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
What to bring:
Long and short sleeve shirts, preferably light colors.
Long pants and short.
Rain ponchos.
Medical staff.
Shoes and sandals.

Amazon Eco Tours / Yarapa Basin
Full Adventure & Camping
4 Days and 3 Nights

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