Start: At 9:30 am, on the first day.
Return: After lunch.
-  Bilingual guide specialized in jungle (English-Spanish).
-  Purified water. Available in the Lodge.
-  Lunch
-  Excursions according to the program mentioned.
-  Transfers to / from Iquitos and Lodge.

Transfer to the river wharf from where the trip to our lodge begins. Sail on the Amazon, the world’s greatest river, onboard comfortable and safe boats. During the trip you will be able to see a marvelous panorama in which the magnificence of the Amazon makes its way through the exuberance of the jungle, where picturesque villages with their particular color and joy appear on the shores of the river. But on the way we make a stop to look for dolphins where Nanay river flows into the Amazon River.

Then, continue our trip down the Amazon, until gats Sinchicuy treek, where a Yagua community has established. The Yaguas are one of the most ancient ethnic groups of the Amazon rainforest, discovered by Francisco de Orellana on his first Amazon River exploration. Visiting these friendly people will let you know their customs, see their unique apparel made of palm fibers and even try their “pucuna” or blowgun.

Then continue navigating to the Eco Lodge, Arrival in the Amazon Eco Tours & Lodge (35 km NE from Iquitos). Our native-style built lodge is surrounded by trees, plants and flowers, a true tropical garden where birds and butterflies are abundant. Where the Lunch is waiting,

After lunch. We get ready to navigate up stream to visit a Local village where we can find a fish farm to see and feed the Paiche ( largest fresh water fish), to see caiman and giant lilies pads (VICTORIA REGIAS).
Then continue navigating to Visit to a Rescue Center, Sanctuary of Amazonian animals where you will be able to see the famous Anaconda, boa constrictor, Matamata prehistoric turtle, alligators, some species of monkeys such as the spider monkey, the wooly monkey, capuchin monkey, some species of Sloth, and species of exotic birds such as toucan, macaws, etc.

After enjoy of a nice day navigating on the Amazon, we return back to Iquitos City.
Arrive into Iquitos and transfer to your hotel.

Amazon Eco Tours & Lodge
FULLDAY: Amazon Adventure

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