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We will pick you up from your hotel to take a walk through the main attractions of this unique city founded in the nineteenth century and reached its peak during the time of the rubber boom.

Notice the beautiful mosaics and balconies brought from Europe to adorn the beautiful buildings and homes that once housed the wealthy inhabitants of the city most representative of the Amazon jungle of Peru.

You will see the "Iron House" designed by Gustave Eiffel celebrate and learn about the interesting history of its building in the Plaza de Armas. Visiting the waterfront of the city that lies on the banks of the Itaya River, and was built in the early twentieth century, during the heyday of the rubber. The Malecón Tarapacá provides an attractive view of the river, the old mansions of the "rubber barons and the floating town of Belem."

Then, we will continue our journey to the populous district of Belem, this striking and unique neighborhood of Iquitos, is floating because the river floods Itaya, tributary of the Amazon that bathes much of the area where it is located.

Here you can see the houses that are built on rafts and beams remain tied to prevent displacement. Here we will take a canoe to navigate and get to know in neighborhood mentioned.

It is a must navigate the river and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The popular name is due to a very attractive feature because even very rustic and natural appearance.

Like any city, these houses have street that are composed of wooden bridges that connect each home.

Accordingly there are two areas in the district of Belem, the upper zone (outside the river), and the lower (where the floating house are). Despite being called the Venice Amazon has no correlation with the real Venice Italy.

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