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Began its service as a Jungle Tour Operator, having as base the city of Iquitos, the capital of Loreto Region, in the northeastern of Peru.

We as founders of Amazon Eco Tours, inspired began a life of passion for adventure tourism providing a personalized tour service to anyone who wants to live a nice jungle experience.

We as jungle guides and knowledgeable in the field of tourism, desirous to promote choice for travelers who love nature.

Moreover, the experience already gained unfolding in other tour companies that will take the initiative made to venture into tourism. But this time as direct contact, knowing that it is the responsibility as a driver of jungle tours, giving care and service required for its tourist.

The idea is to provide service to people with adventurer tourist spirit in order to raise awareness of the natural, cultural and ecological aspects of this wonderful region.

In addition, to promote responsible tourism. So, then, reducing the negative environmental impact and establishing as part of its policy to preserve our Amazon, but knowing that the Amazon is the lungs of the planet earth.


AMAZON ECO TOURS has qualified personnel for its operations in Iquitos and jungle as well as its administrative offices in Lima, many with years of experience and who are wise since the beginning of the company and younger with innovative ideas and lots of enthusiasm to achieve the goals that the.

Senior Management of the Company has identified and synthesized in the satisfaction of our customers and tourists without ignoring the preservation of the resources offered by the jungle.

AMAZON ECO TOURS has established an ongoing training program to keep all staff with updated knowledge and techniques for efficient performance against the requirements of the current tourism market.


AMAZON ECO TOURS offers a select group of experienced guides working in the forest and in the city, most natives of the region who know the flora and fauna of the Amazon peoples, their traditions, their customs and their rich mythology.

 These dominate more than one language in addition to Spanish, are oriented towards environmental and use the interpretation as the best means to enrich the living experience of the visitors.

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